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Design Checklists
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Design Checklists - 2021
Page count varies based on Checklist, printed on synthetic paper for durability
Based on the ACI 318-19 code

Based on the Design Guide on ACI 318-19, the CRSI Design Checklists are easy-to-use lists of essential items that must be completed when designing and detailing steel reinforced concrete structural members in accordance with the 2019 edition of the ACI 318 Building Code. The Checklists assure that all requirements for a specific structural member, which are scattered throughout the Code, are addressed and not inadvertently skipped or forgotten. This is vitally important for design professionals not familiar with the intricacies code or with the many revisions that typically occur in a given code cycle.

The Checklists can be used to efficiently verify calculations or construction documents or can be employed as a step-by-step design procedure for a given structural member. Each Checklist contains the code-prescribed requirements and section numbers along with auxiliary information on how to correctly interpret and apply the requirements. Calculators, in the form of spreadsheets, are provided for each Checklist, which expedite the overall checking procedure.*

Available in bundles according to member type, the Horizontal Members (Beams, Diaphragms, Flat Plate Systems, and One-way Slabs), Vertical Members (Columns, Joints, and Walls), Seismic Members (Intermediate Moment Frames, Special Moment Frames, Special Structural Walls, and Members Not Part of the SFRS), and Foundations (Deep and Shallow) can also be purchased individually. The entire suite can be purchased as one item and includes a custom binder for organization purposes. Additionally, there is a special offer that bundles the Design Guide on the ACI 318 Building Code Requirements for Structural Concrete (hardcopy only) and the Design Checklist Suite together for additional savings.

In addition to design professionals, university professors and students will find the Checklists to be useful learning tools in the classroom. The Checklists are also valuable resources for individuals studying for licensing exams, building officials, and plan checkers.

Note: This publication used Imperial units of measurement.

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