Design Guide for Pile Caps

Design Guide for Pile Caps
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Design Guide - 152 pp.; 1st Edition

Table of Contents:

  • Introduction
  • Loads
  • Pile Cap Behavior
  • Dimensioning and Detailing Pile Caps
  • Pile Cap Design for Gravity Loads
  • Pile Cap Design for Lateral Loads
  • Seismic Design of Pile Caps
  • Design Examples
  • Tabulated Designs
  • Selected References
  • Notation
  • Tables
  • Appendix A - Derivations and Proofs
  • Appendix B - Column-to-Pile Cap Connections
  • Appendix C - Pile-to-Pile Cap Connections

This design guide has been developed to provide the practicing engineer with a detailed overview of pile cap design, detailing, and analysis methodologies that represent the current state of practice in the industry. This contains comprehensive technical content and practical design examples utilizing approximately 30 different, yet commonly used, pile cap configurations. Tabulated designs are also provided for all aforementioned pile cap configurations and a wide range of vertical loading, lateral loading, and overturning effects. In order to better understand the behavior of deep pile caps, a finite element study was performed and recommendations obtained from that study are presented here.