Design Guide for Reinforced Concrete Diaphragms

Design Guide for Reinforced Concrete Diaphragms
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Design Guide - 2019
224 pp.; 1st edition

Contents include:

  • Introduction
  • Materials
  • Determining the Diaphragm Thickness
  • Diaphragm Design Forces
  • Load Combinations
  • Diaphragm Modeling and Analysis
  • Design Strength
  • Determining and Detailing the Required Reinforcement
  • Design Procedure
  • Examples
  • References

This guide is the definitive resource on the design and detailing of diaphragms in cast-in-place reinforced concrete buildings. The requirements in ACI 318-14 are clearly summarized in figures and tables for quick reference. Comprehensive methods are provided on how to (1) determine diaphragm thickness based on strength and serviceability requirements; (2) calculate in-plane and collector forces based on ASCE/SEI 7-16 requirements; (3) model and analyze diaphragms; (4) determine the required reinforcement based on two different types of common construction methods; and (5) economically detail the required reinforcement based on the latest ACI 318 requirements. A step-by-step design procedure is provided that can be used for buildings assigned to Seismic Design Categories A through F. Numerous design aids and worked-out examples illustrate the code requirements for low-, mid-, and high-rise buildings, including buildings with irregularities.